When will the package arrive, where did the letter go? Citizens can file complaints with the Federal Network Agency about the deficits of postal companies. The boss is often especially criticized.

Last year, tens of thousands of citizens were again so upset about delayed or lost letters and packages that they complained to a federal agency. The Federal Network Agency reported that the number of registrations was 41,589.

Customer anger against Deutsche Post is growing

In 2022 there were 43,125 complaints. Compared to 2021, when there were only about 15,000, the level of complaints is still very high. The possibility of criticizing applies to the entire postal and parcel sector, but 90 percent of complaints are directed against the market leader, Deutsche Post DHL..

The supervisory authority had already announced the provisional figure for 2023 in mid-December, and has now given the final annual figure. Several billion letters and packages are sent in Germany every year, so the rate of complaints is very low.

Union criticizes staff shortage

However, some citizens may also have had negative experiences with the delivery of letters and parcels, but did not complain to the authorities in Bonn. In the past, the postal service had cited, among other things, high levels of illness to justify shortfalls. Unionists complain that the company is understaffed in some locations to cut costs.

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