After angry speeches after Bayern debacle, Müller continues: “Absolute nightmare” – FOCUS online

3-0 defeat in Leverkusen: Müller continues his angry speech after the Bayern debacle: “Absolute nightmare”

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Not even a former world champion processes a defeat in an important match so quickly: The 3-0 defeat against Bayer still bothers Munich's Thomas Müller. The Champions League in Rome could help.

Even by some distance, Bayern Munich's Thomas Müller suffered a deserved defeat Bundesliga-Summit meeting in Bayer Leverkusen not processed. The clear 3-0 defeat last Saturday night was “an absolute nightmare” for the record champions, the national footballer wrote on Sunday night. On Instagram and gave this comment two exclamation points.

Reading tip: Thomas Müller's angry appearance is devastating testimony to Bayern's inner life

Müller (34), who immediately after the final whistle clearly expressed the attitude of the players. FC Bayern had criticized, but does not want to give up in the duel for the German championship. “The fight for the title is not over yet. But first we have to do things right,” Müller wrote. The first leg of the Champions League round of 16 this Wednesday at Lazio in Rome is “the next opportunity.”

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