Tonight’s match with the Cleveland Browns was difficult for the better, being a note marked by the great blessing of Nick Chubb. The Steelers are first from 26 to 22, in Pittsburgh.

Deshaun Watson is very badly in love with the party by directly throwing a 30-edge interception return right into Alex Highsmith’s butt zone. Ce fut le debut de la fin pour le quart-arrière des Browns, who was the victim of six sacks.

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La terrible blessure au genou du porteur de ballon Chubb a suivi avant la mi-temps, choquant les joueurs comme les partisans. Cleveland has lost one of its best armed offenses.

Ce ne fut pas tellement mieux pour Kenny Pickett and the Steelers. He pivoted to 50% (15 in 30) of his remises. George Pickens and lui ont toutefois combined pour un touché de 71 verges,

TJ Watt wrote Pittsburgh history and set the organization’s new bag record. The second part is 81.5 and it is the seventh campaign in the NFL.

Les Saints ont eu chaud

At the Bank of America Stadium, the Saints de La Nouvelle-Orléans reported a second close game to end this season, winning against the Panthers by the score of 20 to 17.

Derek Carr has not finished a great game in the fourth position, with 21 repeated passes out of 36 attempts and 228 winning margins. Il n’a pas lancé pour un touché et a été victime d’une interception, mais il a su faire les gros jeux au bon moment.

The most spectacular moment of the evening was offered by Chris Olave, at the end of the second quarter, and the mené à un touché. Due to the tight coverage of his opponent, the receiver has no choice but to try to catch the ball thrown on 42 edges of a main line. Il jonglé brièvement avec l’objet avant de le capter solidement en plongant. Later, Tony Jones completed the sequence with the first of his two songs played on the course.

Il faut donner le credit aux defensives de chaque côté, qui ont réalisé four sacs chacune. The quarter final of the Panthers Bryce Young to d’ailleurs été very discreet, and the only remise of him for a major arrives late, while the temples étaient menés 20 to 9.

Last week, the Saints beat the Tennessee Titans from 16th to 15th.