The second week of activities is not easy for certain ball carriers in the NFL and will cause more big encounters with Fantasy Football fans.

Dimanche, Saquon Barkley (New York Giants) and David Montgomery (Detroit Lions) are graves in combat.

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The first to rise is one of the chevilles in a gain of 31 to 28 for the Arizona Cardinals. According to the ESPN network, Barkley should be absent from football fields for a period of three weeks.

Avant de se faire mal, le joueur-vedette avait été excellent. I have accumulated 67 edges and a touch on the fields, as well as registering a major draw.

In Montgomery’s case, he is blessed with a kitchen in a 37-31 reverse against the Seattle Seahawks. The representative of the Lions has left the match on his four-quarter debut. He should have it in the game cart for more weeks.

The dissidents of these two players in the NFL group must quickly find a replacement option. These are older players who will face the Los Angeles Rams’ offensive midfielder, Kyren Williams. This last one kneaded 104 edges and three touches with ses jambes en deux parties. There is also a collection of 50 verges and a majeur via the airs. It is currently available in 38% of leagues on the Yahoo! platform.