NFL Final in Las Vegas: Super Bowl live: Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers

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Super Bowl. The NFL final promises pure spectacle. The Kansas City Chiefs will face the San Francisco 49ers as the defending champions. Patrick Mahomes chases Tom Brady's records. But everyone in Las Vegas is talking about pop star Taylor Swift. The mega event on the live ticker.

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Super Bowl: Kansas City Chiefs – San Francisco 49ers (Monday, 12:30 am)

  1. Quarterback Legend Reveals Unknown Super Bowl Anecdote About Prince's Halftime Show

    Peyton Manning is one of the best quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL. As a playmaker for the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos, he won a total of two Super Bowls. He happily chatted about this with his brother Eli, who also won two titles with the New York Giants, at an event at the Caesars Palace Hotel in Las Vegas. The 47-year-old man revealed an exciting and until now unknown anecdote.

    It was the 2007 final in Miami, his first final. Manning recalled waking up in the morning and looking out the window. “Super Bowl and rain, is that allowed?” Of all the places in sunny Florida, it was pouring rain.

    The game against the Chicago Bears started very badly. Newly inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame, Devin Hester returned the opening kickoff for a 92-yard touchdown. At halftime, Manning was able to turn the game around with his Colts to score 16:14.

    A certain Prince took over the halftime show. The music legend delivered one of the most iconic performances of all time. When he played the hit “Purple Rain” in the rain in front of 74,000 spectators, it was “magical,” Manning said.

    Super Bowl XLI: Pepsi Halftime Show

    Prince's legendary halftime show in Miami

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    The quarterback was a great admirer of the artist, so he even tried to sneak out of the dressing room to be able to at least partially experience the live performance.

    “Halftime at the Super Bowl lasts 40 minutes and not the usual 15 or 20 minutes. You have to adapt your habits and rituals. Some of us tried to go out into the hall and watch some of the show. But coach Tony Dungy wasn't excited about it at all,” Manning said.

    It didn't hurt the team. The Colts won 29-17 and Manning earned his first of two rings. The middle of three Manning brothers lost two more Super Bowls, in 2009 against the New Orleans Saints and in 2013 with the Broncos against the Seattle Seahawks. Sufficient reason for Eli's ridicule, that he is four years younger. Although he was only in the finals twice, he was able to win both games against the New England Patriots with quarterback Tom Brady. “Can you lose Super Bowls?”

Super Bowl: All the information about the game

No superlative seems too big for this Super Bowl in Las Vegas. Especially when the defending champions Kansas City Chiefs face the San Francisco 49ers and along with Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce and Christian McCaffrey, three of the most popular stars in the National Football League, pop giant Taylor is also expected in the stadium Swift. For the first time, the NFL celebrates the championship final in the gaming metropolis of the US state of Nevada and expects a spectacle never seen before.

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Quarterback Duel: Mahomes versus Purdy

Patrick Mahomes is the superstar of the NFL. For the fourth time in his career he is in the Super Bowl with the Chiefs, and in two of the first three finals games he was able to take home the Vince Lombardy Trophy at the end. Whether passing or running, Mahomes can do it all and can find a way out even in seemingly impossible situations.

On the other side is Brock Purdy. The Niners quarterback has been writing one of the most beautiful Cinderella stories in sports for almost two years. In the NFL Draft, the process of selecting the next big talent, he was last selected in 2022 and thus received the ironic title of “Mr. Irrelevant”.

But Purdy is anything but insignificant. The 24-year-old led his team to the playoffs for the second consecutive time and is instrumental in helping develop the versatile offense.

Kelce, Kittle and McCaffrey: the stars of the evening

George Kittle or Travis Kelce: In the five years since Kittle made his debut, one of the two has always been number one in the NFL's most important statistical categories and the other has finished second. Kittle blocks when he's supposed to, catches balls when they're thrown to him, and is one of the 49ers' top pros overall. His positive character also has enormous value for the atmosphere in the locker room. Kelce is becoming an unstoppable weapon in Mahomes' passing game, especially in the playoffs.

Christian McCaffrey is also a difference-making player. The Niners running back even finished in the top 5 when voting for the season's most valuable player. Whether as a running back or passing receiver, McCaffrey is a touchdown machine.

The defenses: star power against star coach

Statistically, the league's No. 2 (49ers) and No. 3 (Chiefs) defenses are in the finals. Only the Baltimore Ravens defense has allowed fewer points this season.

On paper, the Niners' star-studded roster outshines everything. The first line is especially well-known with Nick Bosa, Arik Armstead, Javon Hargrave, Chase Young and the two linebackers Fred Warner and Dre Greenlaw. In the two playoff games so far, the team has shown unusual weaknesses.

The Chiefs defense is completely different. Currently he seems to be at the zenith of his work. Defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo usually had the perfect plan for each opponent, and his players around star tackle Chris Jones implemented it to perfection.

Coaches' Duel: Andy Reid vs. Kyle Shanahan

There is a duel between two offensive geniuses on the sidelines. Andy Reid is currently considered the best coach in the league. Since taking over in 2013, he has transformed the Kansas City Chiefs from the league's dismal midfielder to a powerful dynasty.

Kyle Shanahan, on the other hand, is one of football's greatest innovators. The only thing the 44-year-old coach lacks to reach the elite of coaches is a great title. It is said that Shanahan cannot deliver results in big, important games. But Andy Reid also lost five conference finals (the semifinals) and one Super Bowl before his first win. Today no one doubts the 65-year-old man.

Halftime show and anthem.

The famous Super Bowl halftime show is considered one of the biggest stages in the music world. This year it belongs to Usher. The American musician promises a show full of creativity… and with skates.

“I wanted to put on a show that showcased my creativity,” the musician said at a news conference in Las Vegas on Thursday. Over the past three years, Usher had given a total of 100 concerts in Las Vegas, and the Super Bowl appearance was now the “perfect ending” to this series of performances, the musician said.

“Anyone who heard about my show in Vegas will see what it was like and get the best out of it.” This included skates, both at the concerts that have already been held and now at the Super Bowl. “Roller skating in front of 60,000 people will bring out the best in me.” He wants to “be great” and “set standards.”

This year, Reba McEntire will sing the national anthem before kickoff. She was “very proud” of it, said the “Queen of the Country”, 68, at the press conference. Musician Post Malone, who will sing “America the Beautiful” at the football show, said he was “very nervous” but also very excited about her performance. However, her relationship with the Las Vegas venue is not easy. “I love Las Vegas. But Vegas doesn't love me. The casinos can tell you about it.”

Pop star Taylor Swift

She is the number one topic of conversation in Las Vegas: Taylor Swift. The pop superstar has been in a relationship with Chiefs pro Kelce since last fall and has therefore attended numerous Champions League matches. With millions of her fans and millions of fans, the 34-year-old has attracted a huge number of new people to the sport and has brought her friend, her team and the NFL a publicity value of 331 million dollars. This was the result of a study conducted by Apex Marketing Group.

There has been much debate in the United States whether Swift, who will give the last of a series of concerts in Tokyo on Saturday night, will arrive in Las Vegas on time. The American media even discussed detailed issues such as whether she will be able to get a parking space for her private plane in Las Vegas.

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