The entreîneur-chef of the Patriots de la Nouvelle-Angleterre, Bill Belichick, has talked about his grincheux attitude during the 24-17 loss against the Miami Dolphins, last night.

In three quarters, “Pats” ball carrier Rhamondre Stevenson ran a course in three tries and the referees judged him before the court of a first try.

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Belichick n’était visibly pas d’accord et a sèchement projeté au sol son mouchoir rouge de contestation juste devant l’un des arbitres.

They are a quick gesture to make the internet tour and the moqueries ont été numerous uses. An X user (former Twitter) compared him to a young child. Il n’en fallait pas plus pour que les “memes” afluentes.

“Quand tu ne coupes pas les croûtes du sandwich de ton enfant,” wrote another user in the video of Belichick’s feat.

Indeed, the Patriots went 0-2 in 2023.

« Il n’y a pas grand-chose à dire sur thiste partie. “C’était une défaite difficile,” said Belichick, at a press conference, after the reversal.

The “Pats” will try to report a top-level game during the next chain, when they visit the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium.