The story of an alleged assault committed by Boston Bruins attack Milan Lucic, arrested at her home at the same time, did not end up going the way of curling.

Mardi matin, le natif de Vancouver a plaidé non coupable à un chef d’accusation de voie de fait envers sa femme.

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According to the report from the Boston Police Service, Brittany Lucic aurait stated that they are together with tenté de l’étrangler et lui a tiré les cheveux. Upon the arrival of the officers, the man appears in a state of shock.

The last step of the process aura lies on January 19. I accepted the demand of Lucic’s lawyer for his client to attend the hearing by video conference. In the margin of sa mise en liberté sous precaution, il lui est interdit «d’abuser de la victime potentielle et de consommer de l’alcool».

The 35-year-old joueur has been in the game cart since October 21 due to a blessing in a cheville. Samedi, il a été annoncé qu’il s’éloignera de l’entourage de l’équipe pour un période indéterminée.

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