Who will be the new coach of FC Bayern this summer? This question concerns all of German football and especially those responsible in Munich. According to the latest reports, FCB has a new big favorite to succeed Thomas Tuchel.

We are already in mid-April and the search for a coach is underway FC Bayern he seemed to finally falter. After it emerged that preferred candidate Xabi Alonso would not be available in the summer, Bayern bosses had to reorganize first.

As “Bild” head of football Christian Falk and his colleague Tobi Altschäffl report in the “Bayern Insider” podcast, the Munich team has gone one step further and decided on a new main candidate: Julian Nagelsmann.

Eberl wants Nagelsmann back

After Alonso's rejection, Nagelsmann moved up the Munich coaching ranks. According to Falk and Altschäffl, he is currently in first place, ahead of Ralf Rangnick and Roberto de Zerbi.

In particular, sporting director Eberl is a big supporter of a comeback campaign. However, a final decision has not yet been made, as there are surely one or two critical voices regarding Nagelsmann's return to Säbener Straße.

Bayern's plan with Nagelsmann: Early decision so that Eberl can form the squad?

The interesting thing is that Eberl is moving forward with his comeback plans. Accordingly, certain scenarios develop. It concerns, among other things, how roster planning would work while Nagelsmann is in the national team. DFBThe team is in action.

An idea from Bayern: the planning is completed before the tournament, what the coach wants is known and then Eberl and Freund must implement it. Nagelsmann was thus able to concentrate fully on the local European Championship.

The 36-year-old himself recently highlighted that he would like to clarify his sporting future before the 2024 European Championship. In addition to Bayern, the DFB is also courting Nagelsmann. He should also have specific interested parties from abroad.

Although Nagelsmann has recently been very cautious about returning to Bayern, just over a year after his departure from FC Bayern he can imagine a return to the record champion.

By Vjekoslav Keskic