Olaf Scholz met his American doppelganger again on his short visit to Washington. It's Chris Coons, the senator from Delaware. Both men look very similar, in terms of the lack of hair, but also in the shape of their heads and faces. Both of them even wear a blue suit very often, as in the photo, but there is still a need to coordinate the ties, but both prefer red and blue tones.

Scholz had the photo published early Friday morning German time on the is who?” By the afternoon, the photos had received more than eight thousand likes on both accounts. Scholz, 65, and Coons, 60, met, this time at a dinner at the German ambassador's residence in Washington, attended by eight members of Congress, four Democrats and four Republicans.

Coons is a Democrat and is considered President Joe Biden's closest confidant in the US Senate – Biden also comes from Delaware. This time Coons stayed in Washington specifically to see Scholz again. Both of them have met many times. The first time was in the summer of 2021, when Scholz, then still finance minister, traveled to the USA.

Since then, they have seen each other on Chancellor Scholz's three trips, but also at the Munich Security Conference, at NATO summits and on trips by American delegations to Berlin. According to those close to the Chancellor, the similarity between the two was an issue every time. Coons had already posted a photo of both of them at a meeting with Scholz at the World Economic Summit in Davos in early 2003 and wrote: “It's always great to speak with the one person who's just as handsome as I am.” “to talk to the one person who looks as good as me”).

On Friday afternoon local time, Scholz wanted to meet with President Biden in the White House for a one-hour one-on-one meeting, primarily to talk about continued support for Ukraine, which was attacked by Russia, and the situation in the Middle East.