All the information about the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics

Ukraine demands Olympia-Exclusion for Russians and Belarusians.

Friday, April 12, 2:32 p.m.: Ukraine has called for the exclusion of Russian and Belarusian athletes from the Paris Olympics. It was reported that some of the neutral athletes who qualified for the Summer Games Russian would support a war of aggression against Ukraine, he said in an open letter on Friday. This was communicated by the National Olympic Committee, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the national wrestling federation to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the UWW World Wrestling Federation.

Ten wrestlers are named in the letter, including Russian freestyle specialists Saur Uguyev and Saurbek Sidakov, who won gold at the previous Tokyo 2021 Games. Attached to the letter are several links to videos and social media posts as alleged evidence .

Calls on the IOC and UWW to do everything possible to prevent the participation of Belarusian and Russian athletes who belong to a military organization or support the war in international competitions, including the Summer Games in Paris from July 26 to August 11. As long as Russian troops, with the support of the Belarusian government, wage this brutal war against the people of Ukraine, Russian and Belarusian athletes should not be admitted to international tournaments under a neutral flag, he said.

Victory against Slovenia: women's handball takes direction Olympia

Thursday, April 11, 7:15 p.m.: German handball players have headed towards the Olympic Games with a great performance. National coach Markus Gaugisch's team beat Slovenia 31:25 (17:14) at the start of the qualification tournament in Neu-Ulm on Thursday and now has the best chance to participate in the Olympic Games for the first time since Beijing 2008.

The best German scorer in front of 4,026 spectators was defense player Julia Maidhof with nine goals. Other rivals for the DHB team are third-placed EM Montenegro on Saturday and outsider Paraguay on Sunday. To get a ticket to the Olympic Games, the German team must at least finish second in the tournament.

Even before the start there was good news for the DHB team. Co-captain Alina Grijseels recovered in time just a week after suffering an ankle injury in the Euro qualifier against Ukraine. He France-Legionnaire had to get going immediately in the fast-paced opening phase because Emily Bölk and Xenia Smits, who were in the defensive zone, received time penalties early on.

The DHB team started strongly and for the first time took the lead with three goals (6:3) after ten minutes. However, some lapses in concentration allowed the Slovenians to tie within a few minutes.

However, the sixth-place finisher in the World Cup was not impressed and continued to act with determination in attack. The reward was a renewed three-goal lead (11:8), which was extended to five goals four minutes before the break. Goalkeeper Katharina Filter played an important role in this, giving the German team the security they needed with numerous saves.

After the change, both teams started nervously and made several mistakes. The home team's advantage remained constant, between three and four goals. In addition to Maidhof, in attack the left winger Johanna Stockschläder was especially convincing, who after a failed first attempt put all her shots on goal.

In the final phase, the German team once again took advantage and went ahead goal by goal. Filter continued to provide strong support between the posts and attacks were mostly completed in a concentrated manner in front. Success in the duel with the Slovenes was no longer in danger. With another win against Montenegro, the DHB team can make the trip to the Summer Games perfect on Saturday.

Handball players start against Slovenia Olympia -Qualification

5:30 p.m.: German handball players begin their Olympic qualification. On Thursday (5:45 p.m./Sport1) in Neu-Ulm, national coach Markus Gaugisch's team will face what should be its strongest rival in the group, Slovenia. The participation of the injured Alina Grijseels will be decided shortly. The protagonist had injured her left ankle the previous week. Other rivals of the DHB team are Montenegro on Saturday and Paraguay on Sunday. The German team must finish at least second in the four-man tournament to be eligible to participate in the Olympic Games for the first time since 2008.

The World Athletics Federation pays prize money for Olympia -Gold

Wednesday, April 10, 11:12 am: The World Athletics Federation will reward the Olympic gold medalists at the Paris Summer Games with $50,000 (46,000 euros) each. Athletics will be the first in August sport , in which prize money is paid for gold medals, World Athletics highlighted after the corresponding decision on Wednesday. As the association further announced, it will pay 2.4 million US dollars (2.2 million euros) for a total of 48 decisions. In replacement decisions, members share the $50,000. In 2028, there will also be prize money for silver and bronze in Los Angeles.

The president of the World Association, Sebastian Coe, spoke of a key moment for the association and athletics. “This underlines our commitment to empowering athletes and the crucial role they play in the success of every Olympic Games,” said the 67-year-old Briton, who was Olympic champion in the 1,500 meters in 1980 and 1984.

The journey that began in 2015 will continue and the money the association receives from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will go directly to the sport. Coe has led the World Athletics Federation since 2015. “We need to start somewhere and ensure that some of the revenue our athletes generate at the Olympic Games goes directly back to those who make the Games the global spectacle that they are,” he said.

Olympic rings are mounted on the Eiffel Tower in Paris

16:58: The Olympic rings will be mounted on the Eiffel Tower ahead of this summer's Olympic Games in Paris. The five interlocking rings, measuring 29 meters wide and 15 meters high, will be attached to the Paris monument from the end of April at a height of 60 meters between the first and second floors on the side facing the Seine, Olympic organizers confirmed on Monday. Tuesday. At all Olympic Games, the rings are placed in a large symbolic place, 2012 in London For example, this was Tower Bridge.

Each of the steel rings has a diameter of nine meters and is designed to illuminate at night. The rings are manufactured by the French steel company ArcelorMittal, and production takes place in the Grand-Est region, where the steel for the construction of the Eiffel Tower was once supplied.

During the Games, the Eiffel Tower will not only carry the rings, but will also serve as a backdrop for the closing opening ceremony on the banks of the Seine. Beach volleyball competitions are also held at the foot of the Campo de Marte monument. Right opposite, in the Trocadéro, the Champions Park will be installed, a huge fan area where the medal winners will parade among the public every day. Eventually, the Eiffel Tower will also appear on Olympic and Paralympic medals.

France for maximum security for Olympia he worked hard in Paris

Tuesday, April 9, 1:18 p.m.: Despite the tense security situation, France believes it is very well prepared for the Paris Olympics this summer. “Today we do not have a distinctive terrorist threat to the organization of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Therefore, there is no question of questioning this organization,” said Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin in an interview with the newspaper “Le Parisien” on Tuesday.

Although terrorism can strike anywhere, in the end, large, highly secure events are, paradoxically, the safest places with the lowest probability of incidents. This was evident in France last year at the Rugby World Cup, the Pope's visit to Marseille and the visit of British royalty.

France is prepared for possible threats. “We have many possible scenarios that relate to critical situations,” the minister said. “During this summer, the mobilization of law enforcement forces will be able to respond to the three major risks that can affect France: the threat of terrorism, a wave of migration linked to a country that is collapsing, and enormous forest fires.”

For the first time in the history of the Olympic Games, the opening ceremony will not be held in a stadium, but in the heart of the host city. Around 160 boats will take teams of several thousand athletes on a six-kilometer course across the Seine along the most beautiful places, from the Austerlitz Bridge to the Trocadéro.

The planned number of some 326,000 spectators for this opening ceremony could be reduced if necessary, the minister said. There is widespread confidence in the safety precautions, as none of the 205 delegations have expressed concern about participating. Additionally, 2,500 foreigners, mostly armed, provided protection. police officers and security forces their respective teams.

To ensure safety during the opening ceremony, there will be strict access restrictions to an expanded area along the Seine for tens of thousands of Paris residents a week before the celebration. Residents and visitors can request a QR code that allows them to access these areas and also their apartments. Before the opening ceremony, 45,000 police officers were monitoring this area, Darmanin said.

Breaking participates for the first time in the Olympic Games

The Summer Olympic Games are held every 4 years. However, the participating sports change from time to time. In 2024, Paris will once again incorporate a new discipline: Breaking. But an old one has to go. Read more about this here.