The first time: Chancellor Scholz in Beijing in November 2022
Image: Picture Alliance

Olaf Scholz is traveling to China as Chancellor for the second time. The issues could hardly be bigger, the prospects for breakthroughs are small.

bWhen traveling abroad, external impressions are not always the deciding factor. When Chancellor Olaf Scholz lands in Chongqing on Sunday morning, the first thing to do in the city of 30 million inhabitants is to visit a Bosch hydrogen drive production facility. There will be a project to monitor water quality with a trip on the Yangtze, and there will be talks with students and the Chamber of Foreign Trade in Shanghai on Monday before the most important date of the trip for the Chancellor in Beijing on Tuesday morning: Scholz will spend several hours meet with state and party leader Xi Jinping in various formats. Then it's about the world order.

Jochen Stahnke

Political correspondent for China, Taiwan and North Korea based in Beijing.

It is Olaf Scholz's second visit to China as Chancellor. After the first only lasted a few hours in November 2022 due to the corona pandemic, there is now a longer journey ahead of him. Accompanied by a business delegation and at least at individual stops by the Ministers for Transport, Volker Wissing (FDP), Agriculture, Cem Özdemir, and Environment, Steffi Lemke (both Greens), the aim is to set an example of constructive cooperation and sign declarations of intent.