bAt least one man was killed in a shooting on the New York subway. Five more people were taken to hospital with injuries, police said at a press conference late Monday (local time). The incident happened on a train arriving at the Mount Eden Avenue station in the Bronx. The crime was preceded by an argument between two groups of young people in the subway.

The youth then pulled out a gun and opened fire as passengers boarded and disembarked. The shooter is on the run. The police launched a call for witnesses.

According to the police, the victims include both members of the groups that participated in the dispute as well as eyewitnesses. A total of four men and two women aged 14-71 were taken to the hospital with injuries. A 34-year-old died there. Detailed information about the crime was initially not known. The investigation is ongoing, police said.

Gun violence is a regular occurrence in the United States. They are readily available there and in circulation in large quantities. In New York, such acts are unusual in public transport, the New York Times reported, citing police information. Of the 974 incidents in 2023, only six would have occurred in the metro.

The Mount Eden Avenue subway station is located in the northern part of the Bronx, 14 kilometers from Times Square in Manhattan. The subway runs above the ground there. Television images captured by a drone showed a stationary train and plainclothes police and investigators.