EOne of Belgium's most wanted criminals has been arrested in Morocco. Mohamed Aissa, who was sentenced to life in prison for the fatal robbery, was arrested by Moroccan security forces in January, the Belgian Federal Police announced on Saturday. In Morocco, he is suspected of committing theft.

In May 2011, Aissa and an accomplice broke into an apartment on Rue de la Montagne in the center of Brussels, the capital of Belgium. During the robbery, the criminals injured the person so badly that he later died from his injuries. Aissa's accomplice was later arrested and she herself escaped.

In 2014, Aissa was sentenced to life imprisonment in absentia. He was on the Belgian Federal Police's “Most Wanted” list in 2016, which lists the country's most wanted criminals.

According to the Federal Police, Aissa is currently in Moroccan police custody in the port city of Tangier and is due to appear in court in March. The judge will also take into account the life sentence imposed in Belgium when making a further decision, the judge said.