Ooono Co-Driver No1: The popular speed camera warning and hazard detector is offered at Media Markt

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Friday, February 9, 2024, 16:23

Banned as a speed camera warning device, but really useful as a danger and traffic jam detector: Media Markt is offering the equally popular and controversial Ooono Co-Driver No1 alarm device at a bargain price as part of the VAT campaign. We take a closer look at the offer and the legal situation.

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Ooono traffic alarm now for only 35 euros

He app It is very popular in Germany, but it must be started before each car trip, which is easy to forget, especially on short trips. The call Ooono Copilot No1 It automatically connects to your smartphone and activates as soon as the car starts moving. If you approach a speed trap or a dangerous area, such as the end of a traffic jam, while driving, the device will emit an acoustic alarm and light signals.

This practical device usually costs around 50 euros, but from time to time it is offered cheaper.
MediaMarkt and
Saturn sells what is officially advertised as a traffic alarm Ooono copilot currently at the reduced price of 38.65 euros including shipping. The offer is valid within the framework of
Only discount campaign “without VAT” until Monday, February 12, 2024 or while supplies last.

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Ooono copilot with a little hook.

As mentioned at the beginning, they are Speed ​​camera detectors are banned in Germany and many other countries. In our country this means concretely: if you are caught with the device, you will face a fine of 75 euros and a point on the driving license in Flensburg. The same applies if you use the app without an assistive device and the police catch you. Co-pilots or other passengers in the vehicle cannot use the radar detectors either, as the Higher Regional Court in Karslruhe ruled in December 2022 (explains the lawyer).

However, for Ooono's co-pilot they can. Speed ​​camera notifications in the application disabled so it only warns of dangerous areas such as objects on the road, traffic jams or accidents. In this case, its use while driving would be permitted. Likewise, you can before the trip Find out about speed cameras on your route. This works through the map view in the app. When you start driving, the speed control warning must be deactivated.

Electronic parking discs are not prohibited.

In addition to the radar warning or traffic alarm, the manufacturer also has a special one Magnetic support for co-pilot number 1 and electronic parking discIn the Ooono Park range, which you can get at Media Markt as part of the promotion for 7.55 euros (
holder) or 21 euros (
Parking disc) can be ordered additionally. The latter is authorized by the Federal Road Transport Authority (KBA), so its use, unlike the radar detector, is completely legal.

The time is automatically set as soon as the vehicle is parked. If you continue your journey, the time starts again every 30 minutes. It is attached to the windshield using two magnetic adhesive pads that are included in the scope of delivery.

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