The doors of Martin Reisch GmbH are finally closed. The company declared bankruptcy in November 2023 and initiated preliminary insolvency proceedings, which guaranteed employees the payment of their salaries and wages until the end of January 2024. Now operations had to be stopped due to lack of investors. The production of the last vehicles in March marked goodbye for the remaining employees, as Radio Bavara (BR) reported.

Despite this evolution, there are bright spots on the horizon. Both bankruptcy administrator Volker Böhm and IG Metall see positive signs for former employees. Companies in the region are increasingly interested in hiring production employees.

Land, machines and materials of the insolvent company Martin Reisch GmbH are auctioned

A good third of former employees have already found a new job. IG Metall remains at your side and informs you about possible applications for unemployment and insolvency benefits to facilitate the transition to the next phase.

The reasons for Martin Reisch's insolvency lie in the tense market situation in the agricultural sector from 2022 and outdated production facilities. Despite intense efforts, no suitable investor could be found to save the company.

In the midst of this process, the bankruptcy administrator Volker Böhm is currently organizing the disposal of the assets of the bankrupt company. Land, machinery and materials will be put up for sale, with an online public auction scheduled for April 25 and 26. These measures are intended to help mitigate the financial impact of insolvency and allow creditors to receive the fairest compensation possible.

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