GIn France, a judge was investigated for alleged criminal links to Corsica. Judge Hélène G., who was arrested on Wednesday, is accused of eleven crimes, including embezzlement of public funds, indirect bribery and money laundering, as well as court formation, the Nice prosecutor's office told the AFP news agency on Saturday. criminal organization. Pretrial detention was ordered.

G. presided over the jury in Agen in southwestern France until January 2023. According to the State Prosecutor's Office, the focus of the investigation launched in 2021 is an act allegedly committed by the judge between 2008 and 2022, especially during his work in Corsica between 2010 and 2016. Therefore, the total amount of defrauded funds can reach more than 120,000 euros.

Regular contact with “people known to the police”

According to a statement released Friday, investigators will focus primarily on the judge's “close relationship” with a Corsican organized crime member known to police. According to the public radio station France Bleu, it is Johann Carta, a member of the Corsican mafia gang Petit Bar. The judge was also in “regular contact” with other “people known to the police”.

According to preliminary findings, G. could have provided legal advice to these circles and sought and communicated information about ongoing proceedings or files. In the France Bleu report, the Public Prosecutor's Office speaks of “great proximity, characterized above all by mutual services”.

During interrogations in police custody, the judge initially denied any wrongdoing and breach of duty. However, he later admitted to an “unauthorized data request in favor of an unfavorably known person”. The judge's lawyers accuse the judges of a “three-year hunt”. His client was “innocently imprisoned.”

Hélène G. is not the first judge temporarily working in Corsica to be caught by judges: in October 2022, a judge in the Corsican city of Bastia was accused of “illegal representation of interests”.