AArgentina's President Javier Milei is making another attempt. A few weeks ago, Congress tore apart its mega-reform package in several special sessions until it was finally withdrawn. On Friday, Milei faced the same congress that he had described a few days earlier as a “rat's nest”. Milei opened the regular legislative session with a fiery State of the Union speech. The speech was deliberately postponed to the evening hours in order to reach a larger audience.

In his inventory, Milei criticized the “political caste,” which he blamed for the “economic disaster” and “orgy of public spending” of the past two decades, and promoted his drastic austerity policies. He promised to “accelerate” his plans to rehabilitate the country and solve its economic problems. Anyone who resists will have to deal with a “different kind of animal,” said Milei. He would push through the change “with or without” congressional support.

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