Can the stars of “Hartz und Herzen” build their own house? Despite the difficult financial situation, Pascal, his sister Selina and mother Petra hope to become rich thanks to TikTok and fulfill their dream of owning their own home.

“Hartz and Warmly” supports people who have to manage with little money and live on citizens' money. Pascal, his mother Petra and sister Selina also depend on social benefits.

The actors of the RTL2 social documentary recently found a new source of income: they earn money with clips on TikTok.

“Hartz and Hearty” stars want to start TikTok

Thanks to their popularity through “Hartz und cordial”, Pascal, Petra and Selina were able to quickly establish a good grip on the social network. They even got a small business license.

Apparently, the influencer career is not going badly. Now the protagonists are even considering buying their own home.

The stars of “Hartz und cordial” spend several hours a day live and receive monetary gifts from followers. It seems to be enough to afford a home.

The three of them posted on Petra's Instagram account that they were thinking about a house. They also posted a picture of the family standing in a field.

A vacation in the Caribbean is also planned

In the clip, Pascal turns to his mother and sister: “What do you think we should build a house here?” asks the 24-year-old. “That would be cool!” says Petra. Selina even has clear ideas and wants a garden.

By the way, this is not the only project: according to the portal ” Mannheim 24″ Selina and Petra are already saving up for a Caribbean vacation. If the influencer career continues well, the dream of the house can become a reality. “With our social media exploding and everything going well, we're looking for a construction project,” says Pascal.

“Dream on, kid…”

However, the project has received criticism online. Because followers question whether you can really make enough money on TikTok to buy a house.

After all, they only recently received civic money. “Dream on boy…get things right first” or “Maybe a castle in the air” are critical comments.

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