DHe Bundestag member Philipp Amthor was elected as the party's new general secretary in the northeast at the CDU state party conference in Rostock. The 31-year-old lawyer received 155 of 165 valid votes on Saturday, achieving a result of 93.9 percent. Six delegates voted no and four abstained. Amthor is the successor to Daniel Peters, who was previously elected as the new state leader of the CDU.

The goal must be to replace the red-red government in Schwerin and the traffic lights in Berlin, said Amthor. He also sees it as a task of the Secretary General to defend the CDU against political opponents. Amthor also drew a clear dividing line with the AfD. One should not indulge in illusions. “Viewed in light, the AfD wants a different country.” That also includes breaking with the constitution. “Anyone who doesn’t distance themselves from extremists is no better than the extremists.

The native of Ueckermünder has been sitting in the Bundestag since 2017, where he represents the Mecklenburg Lake District I – Vorpommern-Greifswald II constituency. The CDU is in opposition in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, which is governed by the red-red coalition.

Meanwhile, the SPD in Brandenburg has elected its party leader and Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke as the top candidate for the state elections in the fall. The 62-year-old politician received 122 votes during the list party conference on Saturday. Four delegates voted against him. With no abstentions, according to the SPD, this corresponded to 97 percent of the votes.