DUS President Joe Biden's social media team used the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl victory to parody a right-wing conspiracy theory. After the most important football game of the year was decided on Sunday evening, a photo montage appeared on the Democrat's personal X account showing him smiling against a black background – with eyes from which red lasers shoot. The montage is a meme that has been circulating on the internet for some time and is known as “Dark Brandon.” The post says mockingly: “Exactly as we planned it.”

Biden's team was referring to a conspiracy theory widespread in ultra-right circles that has to do with superstar Taylor Swift, her boyfriend Travis Kelce from the Kansas City Chiefs and the claim that his team's victory was a set-up. The relationship between the two had recently received a lot of attention because the 34-year-old singer was present at Kelce's team's games and then all eyes were on the couple.

Republicans had feared that Swift could use her presence at the Super Bowl to campaign for Biden and his Democrats. Swift was shown several times on Sunday jumping up and down in the stands, cheering her boyfriend's triumph and later kissing Kelce on the lawn. However, she did not make a political statement.

Biden, who wants to defend his office in the upcoming US presidential election, recently lost support among younger people due to his course in the Middle East war. The New York Times recently reported that his team had begun talking to celebrities and influencers about possible support on social media. Also on Sunday, Biden's campaign team published a video on Tiktok for the first time. The account’s profile picture: “Dark Brandon.”