Acid attacks are currently on the rise in Berlin. It is easy for criminals to steal many valuables from apartments. Those affected must protect themselves.

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The Berlin police are apparently warning of a new series of thefts involving nitric acid. To enter an apartment, apparently it is enough to kick in the door of some doors. In other cases, thieves are so creative that they use dangerous substances to break the lock.

Theft with nitric acid: this is how criminals act

According to the police, there were 13 home burglaries in Berlin in April alone in which nitric acid (HNO₃) was used, as reported by the newspaper Tagesspiegel. This highly corrosive substance, which is used in various industrial and scientific applications, can cause significant damage and even destruction of metals due to its strong oxidizing properties.

That is why criminals are increasingly using nitric acid to break door locks. These are etched and damaged to such an extent that they are easier to open. The latest incident in Berlin was not known until last weekend. Firefighters had to contain the liquid, BZ reported.

Therefore, theft scam is not new either. Berlin police reported similar incidents in the city as early as 2022.

Households must be careful

Anyone who notices such theft should take special precautionary measures. Since nitric acid is very dangerous, you should not approach it without protective clothing such as gloves, goggles, and a face shield. The use of respiratory masks is also recommended in case of smoke appearance.

Damage to health is possible from contact:

  • Respiratory problems: Nitric acid vapors are very toxic and can cause serious respiratory problems if inhaled. Prolonged exposure can cause chronic respiratory diseases.
  • Eye damage: Contact with nitric acid vapors or splashes in the eyes can cause severe chemical burns and permanent damage to vision.

How do I protect myself from thieves?

Home security is a key concern for many people. To protect yourself from theft, it is important to take preventive measures. Here are some effective strategies everyone should consider:

Solid basic insurance: Invest in quality locks, doors and armored windows. Anti-burglar windows and doors are equipped with special hardware that makes it difficult for thieves to gain access.

Security of technology wear: Modern alarm systems and surveillance cameras deter thieves and can sound the alarm immediately in the event of theft. Smart home security systems also allow cameras to be accessed and monitored from anywhere in the world.

Turning on: A well-lit house can deter thieves. Motion detectors that automatically turn on lights when they detect movement outside are particularly effective.

Neighborhood help: A good relationship with neighbors can play an important role in the security of your home. Neighbors watching your property while you are away increases security. Mutual help, such as emptying the mailbox or parking a car in the driveway, simulates presence.

Keep valuables safe: Avoid keeping valuables in plain sight. Use safes or hidden storage locations to protect important items. This makes your home less attractive to thieves.

Be careful with the social networks: Do not post information about your absence on social media. Modern thieves use these platforms to identify potential empty apartments.

Secure vacation time: During longer absences, inform someone you trust who will periodically check that everything is going well. Use timers for lights and radio to simulate presence.

Close windows and doors: Make sure all entrances, including upstairs windows and basement doors, are always locked, especially when you leave the house.

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