In Ballermann, Isi sings about happiness to her fans, but the pop woman also gets in shape at home.

Isi Glück (33) is one of Ballermann's most successful women next to Mia Julia (37). The energetic singer regularly inspires her audience on the Playa stage and gets the mood going. To give full throttle on stage, the interpreter of the hit “Life is a Party” has to do a lot in his form.

On Instagram, where she also documents her participation in the “Battle of the Reality Stars”, Isi Glück regularly shows off her six-pack abs and training knowledge to her almost 270,000 followers. According to the RTL report, the Ballermann star works out “five to six times a week for around 45 minutes”. Because as you know: no pain, no gain.

Isi Glück describes her training as follows: “I focus on strength training, because with hardly any other sport you can achieve such visible results so quickly and with little investment of time. I do so-called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts twice a week for legs and glutes, twice a week for upper body workouts, and once or twice a week.

Isi Glück's tip: “Get off the stepper, go to the dumbbells”

He needs to go through this training so that he can always give 100 percent in performances and on tour. Isi: “Because my tour schedule demands a lot from me sometimes. Up to four shows on a Saturday in Germany are not uncommon. I need a lot of energy and strength.”

She also has valuable tips for women who want to get in shape. “Dare to use heavy weights in training. Get off the stepper and go to the dumbbells. This means that you will achieve visible results much faster,” said Isi Glück in an interview with RTL. “Many people are still afraid that they will gain a lot of muscle and then quickly look too masculine. However, this is an outdated prejudice. Women take much longer to build muscle than men. “It's mainly related to the hormone testosterone.”

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