AIn Mallorca, several tourists allegedly raped another woman. Four holidaymakers from Italy were arrested as suspects in Playa de Palma on Sunday, police on the Spanish Mediterranean island said on Tuesday. The judiciary has ordered pre-trial detention for the four arrested.

According to the police, a vacationer met the young woman in a bar in Palma. They went together to the Italians' holiday apartment in Playa. There was initially consensual sex between the two. The woman was then allegedly raped by three of the man's friends.

According to the report, the alleged victim – a young Brazilian woman according to media reports – fled soon after in the early hours of Sunday morning. When he escaped, he took one of the vacationers' ID cards with him. He made a statement to the police, who arrested the four men shortly before returning home.

Last year, gang rapes in Mallorca hit the news. Four holidaymakers from Germany are currently in custody in Palma for allegedly raping a German holidaymaker in Ballermann in July 2023. In August, police arrested a group of French-speaking holidaymakers who allegedly assaulted a British tourist in the western part of Palma Magaluf.

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