On an English football show: presenter exposed live on TV for infidelity, now her fiancé gets involved

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His fiancee was accused of infidelity live on television. Now former heavyweight boxer Malik Scott is speaking out.

The Champions League round around presenter Kate Abdo (42) and experts Thierry Henry (46), Jamie Carragher (46) and Micah Richards (35) is considered the dream team of the American network CBS.

But sometimes even the best TV families have crises. Kate Abdo recently had to go through this experience. An inappropriate joke from one of her co-workers upset the otherwise casual television journalist.

Liverpool legend Carragher irritates Abdo with inappropriate joke

After the Champions League round of 16 match between Arsenal FC and FC Porto in mid-March, Liverpool legend Carragher suddenly wore the Gunners shirt at the request of Arsenal professional Bukayo Saka ( 22).

When he suggested that Henry and Abdo also wear the shirt during the course of the broadcast, he was coldly dismissed.

“No thanks, I'm loyal to Manchester United,” Abdo responded. Then things got awkward. “You're not loyal to Malik,” Carragher joked, referring to Abdo's partner Malik Scott (43).

“What? How can you say something like that?” Abdo, who was evidently no longer in the mood to laugh, asked, perplexed.

The next day, in the next joint broadcast, he humorously rebuked his colleague. “He is the middle child,” Abdo said in his initial introduction. “Does he sometimes go too far? Absolutely. Does he apologize? Yes he does. “We all have an annoying family member that we still love and accept.”

Abdo's fiancé, former American boxer Scott, was initially less forgiving. “That really shocked me because he upset her,” she told Lord Ping after the incident. Carragher behaved in an “unpleasant” manner. After all, the first English Then, the national player apologized to Kate and the entire team.

The British presenter and the American boxing coach ended their relationship in early March instagram made public. Abdo's television colleagues had previously suggested during a broadcast in December that she was dating and even engaged to a sports star.

Now Scott has detailed his big one. Love Statement – and about Abdo's relationship with his CBS colleagues. The former heavyweight boxer emphasized on “Inclave Casino” that the fact that legend striker Thierry Henry is repeatedly referred to as Abdo's “work husband” is not a problem for him.

Watch a joint boxing training session of Malik Scott and Kade Abdo on Instagram here:

“I don't feel any insecurity or jealousy when my partner works with other men. As long as she's respectful and treated with respect, everything will be fine,” Scott said: “It's not a problem as long as she doesn't get angry or upset.”

He has clearly now forgiven Carragher. “I love the show, I love the chemistry that everyone has with each other, I love the jokes,” said Scott, who also highlighted the two's plans to get married: “It's a special show with a very special girl. And soon she will be Mrs. Scott.”

By Antje Rehse

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