Among the factors that have contributed to the erosion of democracy is the increase in extremism, and also corruption, considered the president of the Legislative Assembly of Madeira, José Manuel Rodrigues.

But there are more factors. Among them: “the gap between elected officials and voters; the credibility of election results; corruption and lack of transparency in governance and young people’s disillusionment with politics; the growth of extremisms, embodied in populist parties; or the emergence of inorganic movements that jeopardize the stability of regimes and social peace”, said the president of the regional parliament.

José Manuel Rodrigues spoke at the opening ceremony of the 19th International Meeting of Juristswhich took place in Funchal, where he stressed the importance of “resuming the foundations of the rule of law” and thus “returning principles, values ​​and rules to societies”.

President of the Assembly warns of increasing authoritarianism

The President of the Regional Assembly underlined that the latest Report by the Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance points to an erosion of Democracy around the world, warning that “there are more and more countries moving away from the rule of law and moving towards the authoritarianism”.

José Manuel Rodrigues underlines that one in every two democratic regimes in the world “is in decline and this is the worst result of the last decade in this Report on the health of Democracies, which has been carried out for half a century”.

In view of this, the president of the Regional Assembly considered “a return to institutionalism crucial, strengthening and dignifying the judicial, executive and legislative organizations, in full respect of the separation of powers, but institutionally cooperating”.

José Manuel Rodrigues added that ethics and respect for the law “must guide” all the actions of agents of the various powers, “combating the feeling of impunity, or its perception by citizens”.

The president of the Madeira Assembly said that parliaments “have to be closer” to citizens and elected officials to voters, “so that people do not feel that Democracy is reduced to the ritual of elections and that their vote only counts for four in four years”.

José Manuel Rodrigues underlined that the Courts of Auditors should be seen as “essential bodies” for good governance and rigorous management of public funds and not seen as “obstacles to correct executive decisions and speed in the execution of public policies”.

The President of the Assembly called for the Courts of Auditors to take a “preventive and educational action and not just punitive and sanctioning” in view of the “fragility and weakness of the control and audit structures that many public administrations suffer from”.

During the event, José Manuel Rodrigues received the Statue of the Laçador, a monument in the city of Porto Alegre that represents the gaucho pilchado, while one of the vice-presidents of the Legislative Assembly of Madeira, José Prada, received the “Trophy of International Legal Excellence” .

Until Thursday, the Legislative Assembly of Madeira will host the 19th International Meeting of Jurists, an event that should have around 120 jurists, judges and magistrates from Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Italy and Greece.

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