TOThey all sang the Song of Songs on Monday night. Peter Fischer for his farewell. Eintracht fan Omid Nouripour described the 2.01 meter tall Licher native in the Jahrhunderthalle as “the biggest eagle of all time”. Mathias Beck, Fischer's successor as club president, who shouted at Frankfurt's veteran leader at the general meeting: “Peter, you are a great man!” And last but not least, Axel Hellmann, spiritual rector of the Bundesliga club's great rise in recent years. The Fußball AG board spokesman told Fischer, 67, that he had “a place in the club's history books” that “no one will be able to fill so quickly.”

In short: great emotions on the day of the early retirement of the club's top manager. He was a man of attitude in his position. But he will also be remembered as a polarizing president for his strident demeanor and loud, direct manner.

Opinionated and eloquent advertising entrepreneur Peter Fischer, who describes public speaking as his “mainstay,” deserves respect and recognition for his achievements. In his own ranks he is considered the most successful president of all time. For almost a quarter of a century at the top of the club, the bon vivant (“The enjoyment that I was able to take in my life has never left me without a trace”) also loved Eintracht with unconditional devotion.

“We are a diverse club”

A fan favorite, the official's popularity grew tremendously over the years. Under Fischer's leadership, membership increased from 5,000 to 139,000 and, according to Eintracht's calculations, is now the 12th largest club in the world. The dilapidated Riederwald was converted into a modern sports center. Today 112 nationalities play sports in 50 departments. As for clubs with professional football, according to Beck, Eintracht is the club with the largest popular sports department in the world.

“We are a diverse club. There is no place for discrimination, racism and anti-Semitism in sport. “Whoever does not live by this will eventually be expelled,” said Fischer, who defends values ​​and change in Riederwald, with his usual striking words in his farewell speech. As the club's spokesperson, the Eintracht president became the voice politics of German professional football. As “active honorary president”, he also wants to speak out boldly in the future against right-wing extremism and racism.

Drug investigation process closed

Peter Fischer made smart personnel decisions. The best of him was the young man. Axel Hellman initially to be installed as vice president. “Your lifestyle has always been tough,” Hellmann said, advising Fischer: “Pay more attention to yourself!” Fischer's early retirement and orderly departure come at the right time. His personal low point was probably the drug investigations of the Frankfurt prosecutor's office. The procedure was suspended in March 2023.

For Fischer (“that was an act of pure air”) it was still the final push to clear the way. Many public appearances, such as in 2022, when Eintracht raced from victory to victory in Europe, failed. Furthermore, he did not condemn the recurrent violence of the ultras with sufficient consistency. His voice had also recently lost some weight internally and his presence no longer matched what he used to be.

However, the club will honor Fischer's overall image and his achievements in Eintracht's life. “Peter Fischer is one of the best originals the club has ever produced. There is no other person like Peter,” Hellmann said.