A wind turbine in Norway lost a 72-meter-long, 22-ton rotor blade. The wind turbine was built by Siemens Energy-Gamesa subsidiary. This is reported by Manager Magazin and refers to information from Reuters.

Gamesa, a subsidiary of Siemens Energy, has been fighting quality deficiencies for a long time

As a spokesperson explained to Manager Magazin, the rotor blade was part of a Siemens Gamesa 5.0-145 turbine, which belonged to the 4.X platform of Siemens Energy's Spanish subsidiary, Gamesa. The spokesperson also stated that “the security protocol has been initiated and the wind farm turbines have been stopped.” No one was injured. The cause is now being investigated.

Gamesa has been fighting against quality deficiencies for a long time. Land turbines of types 4.X and 5.X had to be withdrawn from the market. Finanzen.net quoted a Siemens Energy spokesperson at the end of March: “We have not yet determined when we will start selling a revised version of the 4.X and 5.X onshore turbines again.” Of course, we are working hard to ensure this happens as quickly as possible, but the timing is determined by us alone, everything else is speculation.”

Berenberg Bank analysts see big potential for Siemens Energy shares

Despite the incident in Norway, analysts at Berenberg Bank see high potential for Siemens Energy shares and rate them a “Buy.” After the incident that generated uncertainty on Thursday, Siemens Energy shares once again ranked among the best performers on the Dax on Friday.. Analysts raised the target price from 25 to 30 euros, which corresponds to a potential of around 70 percent.

A recent study suggests that Siemens Energy and newcomer GE Vernova are comparable in terms of size, scale, mix and profitability, but Vernova is valued at a multiple of 2.5 times higher than Siemens Energy. Berenberg Bank considers this difference to be unjustified and cites a sum-of-the-parts analysis showing that wind subsidiary Siemens Gamesa receives an implicit valuation of minus eleven billion euros.

However, the bank's experts see a positive value of six billion euros for the Siemens Gamesa subsidiary. Given a valuation gap of €17 billion and a current market capitalization of €15 billion, they identify significant growth potential for Siemens Energy shares.

Many inquiries from US investors about Siemens Energy

Berenberg investment experts report that there are many inquiries from US investors about Siemens Energy. However, until now the interest of these investors has mainly focused on Vernova. If this changes, Siemens Energy could see a significant rally based on its current valuation.

The investor magazine “Der Aktionär” is more skeptical about the situation at Siemens Energy. Although the stock is said to have potential, Siemens Gamesa's positive valuation of six billion euros is currently not considered realistic. The current quality problems, which the Norway incident has once again highlighted, make further setbacks possible.