Of all things, Prince Harry's own memoir “Spare” (German for “Reserve”) turned out to be a setback. In a book published in 2023, the Duke of Sussex publicly admitted that he had experimented with drugs in his youth – a serious mistake, as it soon became clear. Because according to US law, drug use can be grounds for entry ban. The right-wing conservative think tank “Heritage Foundation” therefore took the matter to court.

The Biden administration stands behind Prince Harry

Anyone with a history of drug use is at risk of being barred from entering the United States under US law. The tough laws that have already banned British TV chef Nigella Lawson and “Stranger Things” star Charlie Heaton from entering the United States are now putting pressure on Britain's Prince Harry. However, under the current administration of President Joe Biden, the 39-year-old should have little to fear.

As among other things “mirror.co.ukIn an interview with Sky News, the US ambassador in London, Jane Hartley, emphasized that Prince Harry will not be deported from the US as long as Joe Biden is president. When asked, he literally said, “Well, that's not going to happen under the Biden administration.”

Donald Trump's re-election could be a detriment to Harry

However, Prince Harry's visa status may be affected by the upcoming US election. Donald Trump has already said he will take “appropriate action” if it turns out Harry lied in his visa application or received special treatment.

The Heritage Foundation described the ambassador's comments as “extraordinary”, according to mirror.co.uk. The White House has announced that it will not deport the Duke of Sussex regardless of the outcome of the proceedings, according to a right-wing conservative foundation. Presiding Judge Carl Nichols, who has taken over the case, has not yet ruled because the Biden administration has so far refused to release the visa application due to privacy concerns.

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