Prince William has officially returned to the role of heir to the throne. However, according to royal experts, no new information is expected about the health of his wife, Princess Kate.

Prince William, 41, withdrew from the public eye for nearly four weeks after his wife's cancer diagnosis became known. Until yesterday – April 18, he celebrated his return as the heir to the throne. The first meeting since the shock diagnosis of the Princess of Wales was eagerly awaited not only in England, but also around the world. According to royal experts, the behavior of the heir to the throne made it clear from the first appearance after the break: William does not want to talk about Kate, her health or how she copes with her illness.

For Prince William, Kate's health remains taboo in her royal role

In Great Britain, the Royal Talk format “Palace Confidential” (“Daily Mail”) looks back at the week's events. Of course, the main focus is on Prince William's royal comeback. In their first meeting in nearly four weeks, the heir to the throne was seen to quickly change the subject as he was handed two cards from wife Princess Kate. According to royal expert Richard Eden, there is a very specific reason for this: “You [Prinz William & Prinzessin Kate] have said that they will only provide important updates. So we don't hear a lot.” Prince William accepted cards saying, “That's very nice of you, thank you very much” – but Eden doesn't think the family man will talk publicly about his wife's health. She expects “standard phrases” that William can memorize on command derive but nothing more.

Princess Kate will not return until she is “fully recovered”.

Over the past few months, the palace has repeatedly asked the family of the heir to the throne for privacy. However, it became increasingly clear that the world would not easily accept the absence of the incredibly popular Kate. Hundreds of conspiracy theories circulated on social networks – until Kate herself put an end to all speculations on March 22, 2024. In a moving video statement, she announced that she had been diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing “preventative chemotherapy.” In the two and a half minute clip, the princess also asked for “time, space and privacy”. Kate wants to focus on things that will help me heal mentally, physically and emotionally. She doesn't see herself returning to the public eye – and her royal role – until she is “fully recovered”.

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