At Fritz Wepper's funeral in Munich, an unpleasant turn occurred: producer Lilly Berger grabbed the microphone without warning and started an unplanned speech.

The funeral service of Fritz Wepper (†82) was stormy. The popular actor, who died on March 25, was laid to rest in Munich's Winthirfriedhof. During the ceremony on Wednesday (April 10), Lilly Berger, 68, a longtime friend of the deceased, spontaneously grabbed the microphone and interrupted the planned funeral process. Berger, whom Wepper met in the 1982 film “Derrick”, spoke to the mourners with words full of accusations and disappointment, as reported by “”.

Angela Wepper was hardly mentioned at all

Lilly Berger found the last weeks of Fritz Wepper's life and the speeches at his funeral unsatisfactory. He criticized the fact that he could no longer visit the actor in his most difficult moments: “Unfortunately, we could not support Fritz in his last months when he was unwell,” Berger revealed in his spontaneous speech. By “we” he meant himself and his family.

Fritz Wepper and Lilly Berger's families used to spend a lot of time together, and their daughters even took riding lessons together. Berger felt these aspects of his life were overlooked at the funeral. In his speech, he emphasized how important Fritz Wepper's long-time partner Angela and his three daughters were for him: “Angela was the man of life for Fritz. He was barely mentioned at all. Just like his three daughters.”

Fritz Wepper's widow “did not know a woman”

Fritz Wepper's widow Susanne Kellermann (49) decided at the end of his life who could meet the actor and who could not. Bitter disappointment for Lilly Berger: “It all made me so sad: Fritz and I had such a good time together. But we weren't allowed to support him when he needed us the most.” After the producer vented his anger during the memorial service, Kellermann then addressed Bild and was visibly perplexed: “I'm surprised myself now. I don't know this woman.”

However, the producer is glad that he spoke up and was thus able to express his point of view to the guests: “We were not able to contact him anymore. I just had to say it. On behalf of all his friends who were not invited or were not invited.

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