The Public Ministry (MP) closed the investigation into the forest fire that broke out on July 12, 2022 in Caranguejeira and spread to other parishes in the municipality of Leiria, considering that the fire did not originate from willful or negligent human action.

“In effect, from the concatenation of all the evidence collected, especially the judicial inspection report and the examination carried out at the fire site, the testimony given by (…), the person who gave the fire alert to 112, the examination of determination of the causes of the GNR fire, it is possible to conclude that the fire did not originate in any intentional or even negligent human action”, reads in the order of archiving of the investigation, which has attached another.

For the MP, the fire was “the result of the combination of several factors that led to the self-sustained combustion of the combustible material that was at the place where the fire started”.

According to the dispatch, dated December 2022 and consulted today by the Lusa agency, “the fire plowed up about 2,875 hectares of forest land”, causing property damage of around 3.8 million euros.

In addition to these, the fire also caused damage of around 50 thousand euros to the owner of a shipyard, “where 400 to 500 tons of torn eucalyptus firewood were found, which were consumed by the flames”.

On the other hand, it also caused damage, of undetermined value, to the property of another person and his company, where a refrigerated container, video surveillance cameras, a kennel and a chicken coop were consumed by the flames, said the MP.

According to the MP, from the investigative measures carried out, it was possible to determine that the fire “started next to a dirt road, with the intersection of Rua da Serrada, where a large amount of combustible material, namely inert, was deposited. forestry and garbage, including glass and cans, all indicating that it was this material that started the fire”.

The dispatch, which cites the Judicial Police report on this fire, explains that “the outbreak of the fire is due to three factors, fuel, oxidant and ignition (fire triangle), but for an explosion to occur, it is necessary to verify also certain conditions, such as the state of the temperature of the fuel (inert) and its delayed mixing with the oxidant (air), which usually results from its confinement”.

“Under these circumstances, the values ​​of ignition temperatures of fire or detonation of an explosion are lower”, says the report, noting that the source of ignition “can be generated by the direct heat of a flame, but can also be generated, spontaneously, by the heat created by oxidation reactions, by electrostatic sparks, by the friction of woody materials, by a focus of light (sunlight) caused by water droplets or pieces of glass, among others”.

The MP maintains that everything indicates that the origin of the fire that occurred in Caranguejeira was due to the “chemical process triggered by the weather conditions that were felt that day, with the combustible materials existing in that place”, which triggered “its self-ignition and, consequently, started the fire”.

“Thus, the investigation did not manage to obtain any evidence that the fire was caused by any human action”, adds the MP, acknowledging that it is “notorious that not enough evidence was collected of the practice” of the crime of forest fire, for which reason the archiving the investigation without prejudice to its reopening if new evidence emerges.

This fire in Caranguejeira started at 12:06 on July 12, 2022 and also reached the unions of parishes of Colmeias and Memória, and Souto da Carpalhosa and Ortigosa, in addition to Milagres and Boa Vista. It was considered in resolution in the early hours of 14 July.

On July 26, the Leiria Chamber estimated at 8.7 million euros the damage to the forest and agriculture resulting from the fires that hit the county that month.

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