RRussia justifies its war against Ukraine by saying that it is fighting Nazis there. Vladimir Putin and his propagandists often portray the attack on the neighboring country as a continuation of the Soviet Union's fight against Nazi Germany in World War II. But when Putin talks about the prehistory of World War II, he often shows a striking understanding of the leadership of the Third Reich . This was also the case in the interview with the American journalist Tucker Carlson last week. “Why did the war start on September 1, 1939 with Poland of all places?” Putin asks his American source. “There was no talking to him. Hitler had no choice but to begin implementing his plans with Poland.”

Putin had previously explained that Hitler had asked the Poles to “peacefully give” the so-called Danzig Corridor to Germany, but: “The Poles refused.” Putin sees Hitler's demand for Poland to cede part of its territory as entirely legitimate represents.