As RBB24 reports, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) has suspended monthly pension payments to an unnamed former program director. This step was already taken on December 1, 2023. It is known that the former director, who is now 59 years old, received about 8,200 euros per month from the RBB.

This is notable because the program director left the RBB in 2016 and has received her pension since then. Furthermore, RBB24 reported that the director received compensation of at least 240,000 euros when she left the station. This was guaranteed by a contract in which former director Patricia Schlesinger participated.

Despite her new job, the former director of RBB receives a pension from the station

According to RBB24, this severance payment was intended to serve as compensation because the program director had decided not to continue with her employment contract. RBB's official communication at the time said that the director was leaving the station at her own request. Despite her move to academia, where she worked as a journalism professor and received a salary, she continued to receive a pension from the RBB.

This practice has not only generated criticism of RBB, but is also the subject of legal disputes with former directors. The outcome of the relevant procedures is still uncertain.

Former director Patricia Schlesinger changed the leadership of the RBB at the beginning of her term in 2016. According to RBB24, she is said to have given important positions to trusted people and offered others a “golden handshake” to say goodbye. For example, the then legal director also left the broadcaster and took up a new position at ARD. According to the report, his annual salary is 200,000 euros.

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