“Lindenstrasse” star Rebecca Siemoneit-Barum (46) family addition: her grandson was born. Her son Joshua Bauer, whom she had at the age of 20, made her a grandmother at an early age.

“Call Me Nanna”

The actress posted a photo of the baby on her April 9 Instagram story and wrote, “Call me Nanna,” sort of like “Call me Grandma.” Siemoneit-Barum had already announced that she wanted her grandson to call her Nanna. As can be seen from the baby's name tape, it is probably a grandson named Henry. He was born on April 8 and weighs 3200 grams.

The newly proud grandmother played Iphigenie “Iffi” Zenker in the series “Lindenstrasse” from 1990 to 2020. In autumn, he told “Bild” that new family members are on the way. The whole family were “absolutely over the moon”. She can no longer look at children without immediately thinking what my grandchild will look like. Now he can finally look at the little one and hold him in his arms. In an interview with “Bild”, he hoped to spend a lot of time with his son, his partner and the baby.

Young grandparents

Rebecca Siemoneit-Barum joins the ranks of celebrities who became grandparents at a fairly young age. Most recently, they were, for example, presenter Michelle Hunziker (47), who also became a grandmother at the age of 46, and actress Claudelle Deckert (50) at the age of 49. Actor Felix von Jascheroff even has a grandson at the age of 41.

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