In just a few days, Netflix will kick off the official fifth season of Love is blind with a new series of episodes. Barely six months later Love is blind launched for season four in Seattle, the series brought its talents to Houston for the fifth season. As usual, viewers can expect dramatic, funny, romantic and emotional moments throughout the 10 episodes of season five. So, before the new season arrives, here’s everything you need to know.

Release date

Love is blind Season five begins with new episodes on Netflix on September 22. The first four episodes will appear on the platform that day, episodes 5 to 7 on September 29, episodes eight and nine on October 6, and the tenth and final episode on October 13. Each will first appear on Netflix at 3:00 a.m. EST/12:00 a.m. PST.


The actors of Love is blind season five is all from Houston because that’s where the season was largely filmed. Here is the list of actors according to Tudum Netflix:

  • Aaliyah (29 years old); ICU Travel Nurse
  • Carter (30); Construction
  • Chris (28 years old); Commercial development and retail project manager
  • Connor (31); Geoscientist
  • Efrain (27 years old); Software sales
  • Enoch (27 years old); Financial Advisor
  • Erica (27 years old); Marketing Manager
  • Ernesto (32 years old); Supply Chain Manager); Oil and Gas
  • Estéfanie (30 years old); Teacher/Dancer
  • Izzy (31); Sales
  • Jared “JP” (32); Firefighter
  • Potted (34); University director
  • Johnie (32); Lawyer
  • Jos (32 years old); Sales representative
  • Justice (28); Personal trainer
  • Linda (32 years old); Talent Acquisition Recruiter
  • Lydia (32 years old); Geologist
  • Husbands (30 years old); Human resources specialist
  • Mayra (25 years old); Minister
  • Milton (25); Petroleum engineer
  • Miriam (32 years old); Scientist
  • Paige (32); Stylist
  • Renée (32 years old); Veterinarian
  • Robert (30 years old); Special education teacher
  • Shondra (32 years old); Flight attendant
  • Stacy (34); Director of Operations
  • Taylor (26); Teacher
  • Uché (34 years old); Lawyer / Entrepreneur


Here is the official synopsis of Love is blind Season Five:

The fifth season of the hit cultural reality series returns with a new group of Houston singles ready to hit the pods and find love. As the experience continues to develop, each participant’s individual journey, emotional growth, and ability to take a new approach to dating are key, whether they find love externally or internally. In the most shocking season yet, the singles face new challenges, unexpected and surprising twists and turns that will test their personal resolve and the strength of their bonds more than ever. Even if the couples manage to forge a bond strong enough to get engaged without being seen, can their love survive the challenges that await them in the outside world – including protective families, skeptical friends, and exes? They thought they had left them behind?


You can watch the trailer for Love is blind season five below:

“Love Is Blind” season 5 is available to stream on Netflix on September 22 at 3:00 a.m. EST/12:00 a.m. PST. Seasons 1-4 available to stream now on Netflix.