IThere is a primary election campaign in the green-black state government of Baden-Württemberg. This is due to the young CDU state and parliamentary group leader Manuel Hagel, who is now talking a lot about the “Baden-Württemberg DNA”. From his point of view, these are: “inventiveness, effort, achievement”, i.e. Christian democratic virtues. The country must become the front runner again; we can no longer be satisfied that things won't get worse – one of Hagel's numerous criticisms of his green coalition partner.

How capable the government is of acting two years before the state elections will likely become clear in the coming weeks and months, as it will have to draw up the 2025/2026 double budget, the last of this legislature, in a sluggish economy and presumably lower tax revenues. In addition, a costly primary school reform and the expensive return to nine-year high school are to be decided.

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