Mourning in Russia: Four days after the attack on March 22nd, flowers lie in front of the Crocus City Hall near Moscow
Image: EPA

Two of the Moscow attackers were in Istanbul before the attack. They are not the only IS terrorists who were in Turkey before their crimes.

ZWhite of the four suspected attackers on a concert hall near Moscow stayed in Istanbul for a few weeks before the attack. One of them posted photos of a local mosque and his Turkish breakfast on Instagram. According to Turkish investigators, both men stayed at the same hotel in the Fatih district and took the same flight to Moscow on March 2nd.

Friederike Böge

Political correspondent for Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan based in Ankara.

They were not the only suspected Islamic State (IS) terrorists whose trail leads to Turkey. According to Iran, one of the bombers who killed more than 90 people in Kerman, Iran, traveled from Turkey to an IS training camp in Afghanistan.

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