Donald Trump always talks a big game. Does he deliver? Not really. That southern border wall? He never finished it, even after shut down the government to fund it. He even lied about how the project was done, which again, is not the case. Earlier this year, he said that if he returned to power, he magically end the invasion of Ukraine in 24 hours. Was he talking like a crazy person? Almost certainly. In fact, the nation’s president is basically telling him to shut up or shut up.

While in America visiting the UN and Washington, Volodymyr Zelensky spoke with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, who asked him about Trump’s claim that he could negotiate a “fair deal” between him and Vladimir Putin. Zelensky’s response says it all.

“First of all, I don’t see any details in this,” Zelensky said of the former president’s boasts. “Of course, we still have a year before the elections. If he has any clever ideas, of course he could share them with us. We obviously need a strong position.

He then pointed out that if Trump actually had a plan, why wait to share it?

He can now share his idea publicly. Do not waste time. So as not to lose people. Yes, and he says that “my formula is to stop the war, to stop all this tragedy and to stop Russian aggression”, and he says how he sees it. How [inaudible] Russian from our country. Otherwise, I mean, it doesn’t present a comprehensive idea of ​​peace. So the idea is how do we take part of our territory and hand it over to Putin? This is not the formula for peace.

Of course, it’s hard to imagine Trump doing anything other than giving his good friend Putin everything he wants, especially since his base is so fiercely anti-Ukraine.

(Via Medit)