The far-right are on television, in state and youth associations. The Democrats react bluntly, but correctly.

A protester holds a sign with the inscription

Demonstration against the extreme right under the slogan “We are the firewall” on February 3 Photo: Virginia Garfunkel/imago

taz: Mr. Küppersbusch, what was wrong last week?

Friedrich Küppersbusch: Unfounded rumors that Michelle Obama will intercept Trump.

And what improvement in this?

Maybe she'll see it.

Protests against right-wing extremism did not stop last week. What can come of this?

Democracy is when everyone's glass is half empty. Ideally, you can't do anything else. This country is light years away from that, the social gap is brutal, there is a lack of education, child poverty, You say it. Plus, cardboard signs aren't particularly inspiring: “It's okay, I can still give something away.” Authoritarians hijack Germans' inclination for the common good and define who is expelled so that the rest have the common good. The Democrats react bluntly: they also understandably exclude right-wing extremists, the AfD and the Nazis. It is simply easier to demonstrate against something or someone than in favor of the glass half empty. But that's a long way.

AfD leader Tino Chrupalla was invited by Markus Lanz. Do we have to give AfD this platform?

The waves around such appearances arise from rather discredited charlatans like Diarrhea Heaters have the upper hand in digital media. As long as there is no “liability within the meaning of the press law”, debates about senior television are quite retro.

The AfD's youth organization, Junge Alternative (JA), still considers itself firmly far-right. Something good or just a drop in the ocean?

The hope that measures to protect the Constitution would strengthen forces in the AfD and give the party a legalistic structure was over and at best it was called Meuthen. Instead, racists tell stories more and more blatantly. In the next step, “association banning procedures” against regional associations classified as “safe far-right” and the JA are legally possible; It seems unclear whether there will be enough to ban a party at the federal level. The ban on parties can fail shamefully, spread even more martyr incense and, in view of the votes, is at the limit. On the other hand, if our ancestors had managed to try it in 1931/1932, for once we could be proud.

A Free University student beat a Jewish classmate until he was hospitalized. The situation in universities in relation to the Middle East conflict is getting worse. How can you calm this situation?

Anyone who violently attacks a fellow student outside the university, as here, raises suspicions that they are doing the same thing on campus: banning them from home. That does not calm the situation, but it does defuse the threat to Jewish students. That has priority.

The Bundeswehr warship “Hessen” heads to the Red Sea to protect merchant ships from the Houthi rebels. Who wins?

The background noise is disturbing: “The most serious operation of the German Navy in decades,” the inspector often says. You can roll the dice if it indicates a risk or if we should get used to the risk.

Tourists with off-road vehicles will pay much more for parking in Paris in the future. Good idea?

The daily Tagesschau speaks here of “heavy urban off-road vehicles”. Realize it yourself, huh?

The street carnival has begun and the fools are storming the town halls again. What could they release next?

If it weren't for Carnival, we could basically talk about the abolition of the month of February.

The DFB Cup quarter-final match between Saarbrücken and Mönchengladbach was canceled due to persistent rain. Whose fault is it?

Drain. It's probably the drainer. 'I'm sorry. Spornstreichs, the city council has now approved two million euros to bring grass to amateurs or grass fans. In any case: Third division club Saarbrücken recently eliminated FC Bayern from the cup and now enjoys great political support. Except the local Greens, who complain that ordinary fans tend to run around the stadium like crazy and disturb the residents. And the AfD, which sees “citizens' money wasted.” Fun fact: According to DFB rules, the club cannot move to a neighboring stadium in France. A shame.

And what are the Borusians doing?

Since the test club RB Leipzig now exists, you can wholeheartedly support the former test club Leverkusen so that Bayern does not become champions. That is progress.

Questions: Livio Koppe