In June 2023: Cars burn during riots in Nanterre.
Image: dpa

The French Senate has analyzed the unrest that rocked France last summer, costing the country almost a billion euros. He warns about the future.

NEight months after the most serious unrest in France to date, the Senate's investigative committee has presented an alarming conclusion. “These unrest must not be dismissed as a mere side note and therefore forgotten,” said committee chairman François-Noël Buffet (Republican) when presenting the final report on Wednesday evening. The violence was specifically directed against security forces and institutions of the French constitutional state. The death of 17-year-old Nahel Merzouk during a traffic stop on June 27, 2023 was ostensibly the trigger for the “unprecedented outbreak of violence,” which, however, “had little to do with this tragic event.”

The investigative committee comes to the conclusion that “the confrontation with the law enforcement forces had been prepared, as evidenced by the large stocks of fireworks as well as the coordination and organization.”