BillsreceiverStephen Diggshas been generating trade rumors since the offseason, as he sometimes appears unhappy with the team and the quarterback.jose alen.

Since then, Diggs He clarified that there is no tension between him and Allen., but the rumors have persisted. They broke out once again after Monday night’s tough 24-22 loss to the Broncos, especially because Allen didn’t play very well, completing just 57.7% of his passes with two interceptions.

Stefon’s brother, Cowboys cornerbackTrevon DiggsHe even tweeted after the game,begging his brother to get out of Buffalo.

The situation regarding Diggs and the Bills has become a popular topic in the NFL world this week, so much so that former NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski offered his opinion on the matter. Gronkowski was very critical of the way the Diggs brothers are handling the situation as he spoke. with Kay Adams in Up and Adams On Wednesday.

“Has no sense. They pay you. “You’re the number one wide receiver, what’s the concern?” Gronkowski said. “Josh Allen seeks to come to you whenever he can. You have your statistics. It’s not that you’re better with another team. I do not know what is the problem. …Just hang in there, why cause these problems?

The four-time Super Bowl champion added that he doesn’t think Diggs will be in Buffalo for the 2024 season. Only time will tell.

The Bills have a 5-5 record, putting them second in the AFC East standings behind the Dolphins. Buffalo will face the Jets on Sunday.

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