Robert Webber lost his job as “Facilities Manager” in 2018. This marked the beginning of a new stage in life for the 60-year-old and his husband Dennis Johnson. Because they decided to emigrate to Spain, as CNN reports.

Robert: “We saw the political climate in the United States deteriorate”

In reality, the couple did not want to move to Europe until they both retired. Since they were both unemployed at the time, they decided to emigrate earlier. Robert cites another reason: “Also, the elections (in the US) had not gone as we expected and we saw that the political climate in the US was deteriorating, so we thought we would give it a try.”

They moved to Sitges in Spain. After a year, they had an idea: they wanted to open a chocolate shop, CNN writes. Today it is called Dulce Sitges. Robert had previously made sweets for his friends and now he was able to open a store with his passion.

Robert and Dennis fell in love with Sitges' vibrant cultural scene

However, there are several things that the two Americans still had to get used to. “When we moved here, we knew that everything was closed between 2pm and 5pm, but it still took a little getting used to. “I went out to run some errands and discovered that everything was closed.” But that's no longer a problem for the two of them.

Things are different when it comes to food culture. So they have not yet gotten used to eating late at night, as is common in Spain.

Robert and Dennis fell in love with Sitges' vibrant cultural scene. However, there are also dark sides. And that's when the tourists come. Then traffic and petty crime increase. However, they prefer to live here than in the United States. “We have lived in Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles and have experienced serious crime, shootings, gangs and even a gang murder under our bedroom window in Chicago. Luckily, weapons are prohibited here,” says Robert.

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