Smoking marijuana, like many other things, can cause severe nausea. Still, it wouldn't be a bad idea to get away for a bit now.

A large group of people sit in Berlin's Görlitzer Park and smoke marijuana, thick clouds of intoxication rise

The situation is complicated and even depressing. At least now the trauma of marijuana can be overcome Photo: Paul Zinken/dpa

Eat a joint in the morning and the day will be your friend. The problem, however, is that the substance does not always come in a smokable form. When it comes to my relationship with cannabis, I suffer from a type of post-traumatic stress disorder because of it. That fateful summer afternoon I had been drinking beer at Marie Huana's party and, having never been a big drinker, I decided to have something to eat.

Luckily, someone had brought some cute little chocolate muffins. I thought it was a bit of an unusual snack with beer and wine, but better grab it quick, I thought, before they're gone. They were really tasty. It was clear to everyone else that an intoxicating ingredient had been added to the cakes. I just hadn't realized the obvious.

I never felt as bad as that night when I witnessed Martin Sellner's speech to the Identitarians in Dresden up close.

Why is Schröder still being interviewed?

Anyway, I learned from this that you should always ask for the obvious, even if others don't. For example: Why does Easter have two holidays? O: How is it possible that Olaf Scholz became chancellor? And the latest from this week: Why are they still interviewing Gerhard Schröder? On the occasion of his 80th birthday, the NDR produced a documentary about his current life: “Out of Order? “The Story of Gerhard Schröder” – created. There he expresses in detail his affectionate understanding of his friend Vladimir Putin.

“There are free elections, that cannot be denied,” said the former chancellor. And Russian opposition is not directly prohibited. Putin's opponents simply disappear or die in mysterious ways when they open their mouths. Schröder remembers a wrong-way driver hearing the news on the radio that there is a wrong-way driver on his route. “Why one? Thousands!

Speaking of thousands: in the integration courses financed and designed by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (Bamf), participants do not have the possibility of taking vacations, not even at the end of the fasting month of Ramadan, which is celebrated with a great celebration with the Sugar Festival. These are completely normal teaching days, because the scheduled holidays are largely grouped around Christian holidays. Immigrants immediately know what integration in Germany means.

Why isn't there a single Muslim holiday in Germany?

The obvious question is: why is there not a single Muslim holiday in a country of immigration that now has more than five million Muslims? It does not even have to have a religious name, but could also be formulated neutrally, for example the feast of Silke Mertins von der taz. Just as an example.

Another obvious question that hasn't been asked this week is: Why is aid being airdropped into Gaza and makeshift ports discussed when it would be much easier and more efficient to bring massive humanitarian aid to Gaza via Egypt? And why is no one demanding that Egypt simply open its borders so that women, men and children threatened by famine and war can reach safety?

The Egyptian government wants to prevent Gaza from being depopulated and, therefore, losing the Palestinian right to the coastal strip. Or put another way: the Palestinian cause is more important than the lives of Palestinians. There is always a small loss. People would be helped if they were temporarily housed in Sinai. They could at least be cared for in tents and makeshift camps near the border.

The situation in the Middle East is once again so desperate and desperate that people would like to watch cat videos. Or smoke a joint if you've already made preparations for it. It has long been said that Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir cares for and cares for these plants on his balcony. And who knows, maybe he knows how to bake muffins too. I am ready to overcome my trauma and wait for an invitation every day.