Semino Ross has become a grandfather again. As “” reports with reference to APA, the musician has become a grandfather for the third time. His daughter Laura gave birth to a daughter named Valentina on February 15. Although the birth was some time ago, Rossi shared the good news with his fans only now. “I am now a grandfather of three and I especially love spring because it has given me three grandchildren,” said the Argentine.

Semino Rossi sees the world from a “wonderful new side” thanks to his grandson.

Semino Rossi first became a grandfather five years ago when his grandson Leonhard was born. She was followed by her granddaughter Sofia. With the birth of Valentina, another member has now been added to the family. In an APA interview, Rossi talked about how much she values ​​the time she spends with her grandchildren. His grandson Leonhard is probably already soft on music: “He already sings along to Spanish songs. She loves music as much as I do.” And of her granddaughter Sofia, she says, “Every time I go for a walk with Sofia, I discover the world through her children's eyes in a new and wonderful way.”