Human resources (HR) experts from leading companies have revealed details that make them immediately reject a candidate in a job interview. In an exchange between recruiters on the social network Reddit, numerous strange interviews emerged, including candidates actively using artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT, to answer questions. This is reported by the “Daily Mail”.

One hiring manager reported, “I did a video interview with a lady who, after asking a few questions, it became clear that she was simply typing the questions into ChatGPT and reading the answers.”

And further: “The answers were confusing essays that defined a key term in the question instead of answering it. When asked about his greatest achievement, he said, “Some things that people are often proud of include…”. This showed me that she either knew nothing about the position or she had so little confidence in her abilities that she would need constant supervision rather than being able to work independently. Both are an immediate “no.”

Interview etiquette is crucial

Proper etiquette is also important during a video interview. “My boss once had someone on a Zoom interview who showed up shirtless. How do you cope in life when you show up to an interview shirtless? another recruiter asked. Other HR professionals reported that a strong odor, whether positive or negative, also influenced their hiring decisions. “If someone sucks on the other side of the table, to me it's an instant 'no,'” said one human resources professional.

Candidate exclusion criteria

A boss recounted an incident that led her to reject an intern. “A young intern candidate walked in, didn't realize there was a desk behind a low wall, and one of us noticed how much he was partying over the weekend, doing drugs and drinking and pretending to be sick so he wouldn't have to go.” to work,” he said.

Another reported that during the interview, a candidate pulled a bottle out of his briefcase and took a long drink. “Any type of parental involvement in the interview, especially for someone who brings their parents to the interview, is a no,” one recruiter said. “Do parents call to schedule or reschedule the interview? Cancellation. Bring the parents to the interview? Immediate cancellation.”

Generation Z has specific experiences with the labor market

Especially young applicants from Generation Z also share their perspective on the job market on social media. Sometimes they are bothered by not having enough free time, other times by a lack of opportunities or rejections.

An emotional TikTok video became a turning point in a young American's jobless odyssey. She got a job and now wants to inspire others. The Generation Z applicant had not found a job for a long time despite having two college degrees.

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