Merkel as a role model: The Chancellor negotiated the refugee agreement with President Erdogan
Image: EPA

Turkey is no longer dependent on us. She pursues her interests, which are definitely ours too. People in Berlin should recognize this and give Ankara fewer lectures about morality. A guest post.

vThe Antalya Diplomacy Forum (ADF) recently took place in Turkey for the third time. Just a look at the guest list shows the extent to which Germany is currently missing out on world politics. Representatives came mainly from Africa and Central Asia. That's not a coincidence. A global system competition has been brewing for years. In between are the Germans: undecided as to whether they want to pursue politics based on interests or just values.

With the forum, Turkey underlines its claim as a regional power that shapes regional and geopolitical developments as a reliable actor. Thematic areas in which Turkey wants to play a central role in the future and is looking for allies to do so. African and Asian countries, which are not viewed from a development aid perspective but are accepted as equal trading partners, travel west to Antalya with gratitude and greetings.