OJ Simpson tries on crime-related gloves during his trial.
Image: AFP

Many saw him as a victim: for the jury in the murder trial of football legend OJ Simpson, it was also a case of discrimination against blacks by the police. Supporters had earlier cheered him on as he escaped.

DThe “Experiment of the Century” began in the early summer of 1994 with a drive through Los Angeles in a white Ford Bronco. Orenthal James Simpson sat in the back seat with a gun while his friend Al Cowlings drove. A few hours earlier, prosecutors had indicted football legend Simpson, better known as OJ or The Juice.

She accused him of ambushing her ex-husband Nicole Brown Simpson and her acquaintance Ron Goldman outside their Brentwood home a week earlier. Neighbors later found the Frankfort native's body, covered in stab wounds, by the door of the property on South Bundy Drive. Goldman's body lay a few steps away from Brown Simpson. Traces of blood on his car, DNA and a bloody glove in the garden of Simpson's villa, which in the initial investigation belonged to a glove found at the crime scene, pointed to the then forty-six-year-old abuser.