This ongoing topic will be soccer bundesliga It will also accompany you far beyond the current season! The referees and their coordination with the video assistant provoke heated discussions day after day.

On lap 29, the Cologne basement once again took center stage. Several VAR checks during matches went smoothly and routinely, but this time there was also a big surprise. Saturday's crime scene (April 13, 2024): Borussia Park during the duel between Gladbach and BVB.

Hamann is furious after another VAR chaos: “They want to take us for fools”

In the 48th minute, referee Florian Badstübner (33) scored the penalty after the duel between Gladbach goalkeeper Jonas Omlin (30) and Dortmund striker Karim Adeyemi (22). Penalty!

Marcel Sabitzer (30) then converted the penalty, but the referee first whistled for the goal, then checked the penalty again on the monitor and finally overturned the decision completely.

The unfortunate result not only upset the Dortmund team on the Mönchengladbach field, but also Dietmar Hamann (50) in the Sky studio. Faced with the recurring problems with the VAR and its application, the television expert became furious against the DFB: “They want to take us for fools.”

The referee rejected the interview once the match was over

The former national player then went on to criticize: “Sabitzer was with the ball for half a minute and then three and a half minutes passed for the decision to be revoked. So I wonder: What happened?”

To clarify these and other issues, Hamann would have liked to receive a statement from the referee after the match, but Badstübner declined an interview request from Sky. “Someone has to stand up and explain it,” Hamann complained: “I don't understand why the referee doesn't comment.”

At the end of the highlight program “Every game, every goal” there were comments from Alex Feuerherdt, who has been the announcer since this season. the DFB-The referee is in office.

He justified the long wait time on a video link with an additional offside check, but also expressed a flaw. “It is worthy of criticism that it took so long and that Sabitzer's attempt was not revoked,” admitted Feuerherdt.

By Béla Csányi