EXCLUSIVE: Independent feature film producers Some nights I feel like walkingdirected by Filipino Petersen Vargas, have revealed a first look at the film, which began shooting in Manila at the end of April.

The first image features three of the main cast: Miguel Odron, musician and Idol Philippines grand finalist; Jomari Ángeles, a young actor who starred in Brillante Mendoza mom rose; and Gold Aceron, who won praise for playing an intersex person in the 2019 drama. Metamorphosis.

The cast also includes Tommy Alejandrino, whose credits include Goyo: the young general and Baseball playerand reality star and model Argel Saycon, making his feature film debut.

Also written by Vargas, the film centers on a runaway teenager who joins a group of street hustlers on a road trip to fulfill his friend’s wish. It will also be shot in Pangasinan, a province in the northern Philippines.

Vargas says the film is inspired by his own experiences as a young man, wandering aimlessly through the dark corners of Manila, searching for his own identity and a place in the city. It is also a reflection on the repercussions of former Philippine President Duterte’s infamous war on drugs, which has been linked to extrajudicial killings.

“I thought of those young people whose homelessness has left them to live on the streets. These are the same people who are most vulnerable to these police operations,” said Vargas, who explored similar terrain in his short film. How to die young in Manila.

Vargas also directed a short film geography lessons and made her feature film debut with the award-winning LGBTQ-themed drama 2 Great 2 I know 4got.

Some nights I feel like walking is produced by Alemberg Ang of daluyong studios and Jade Castro of Origin8 Media, both production companies based in the Philippines, and co-produced by Anthony Chen of Singapore. Giraffe PhotosSi En Tan from Singapore momo film co and Stefano Centini of Volos Films of Taiwan.

The film’s key crew includes editor Daniel Hui, who also edited the Locarno Golden Leopard winner. an imagined landcinematographer Russell Morton (In my mother’s skin) and producer designer Remton Siega Zuasola (iskalawags).

The film is supported by various funds, including the Singapore Film Commission’s Southeast Asia Co-Production Grant; the International Co-Production Fund of the Philippine Film Development Council and the Project Development Fund of Talents Tokyo’s Next Master’s Support Program.

She was also selected for laboratories such as Locarno Open Doors and the Southeast Asia Fiction Film Laboratory, where she received the SEAFIC Award in 2019.

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