In November 2019, Sophia Thomalla became a partner and advertising face of a start-up that organizes the distribution of gravel, gravel and sand through an app. The presenter also regularly posed for some corporate calendars. The photo she is now sharing on her Instagram account could easily make it to the next calendar.

Sophia Thomalla gets a lot of compliments on her legs

The daughter of actor Simone Thomalla is sitting on a chair in a – admittedly – rather barren office. She wears a short black leather skirt, paired with a black top and blazer. He stretches out his legs and places them on the table in front of him. She is wearing black stilettos. Thomalla looks into the camera and holds the smartphone to his ear. She tied her hair in a strict ponytail.

Your fans seem to like it a lot. You'll see a lot of flame emojis in the comments column. “Goddess legs,” enthuses one user. This comment has been liked many times. Another follower says: “Such a beautiful woman and those legs!” Also read: “Those legs, wow.” “This woman is unique and beautiful,” says another.

Laura Wontorra celebrates with Sophia Thomalla

The reason for this post is the opening of your company's new headquarters in G├╝tersloh. “The Sch├╝ttflix Tower is the second tallest building in the city with its seven floors – just after the local town hall – and therefore lives up to its name,” writes Sophia Thomalla in the Instagram gallery. As Thomalla reports, 150 guests were invited. The evening was hosted by friend and presenter Laura Wontorra.

In the second photo of the gallery, two women pose together. While Thomalla is dressed in all black, Wontorra wears a white pantsuit. She pairs it with brown pumps and a matching shirt. Thomalla puts his arm around his friend's waist. “Finally being Laura Wontorra's boss,” Sophia Thomalla writes in the post. Looks like it was a very successful night for them.

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